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The kids are out of school and moms and dads are looking for ways to have a good time and remain cool during the hot summer months! Turn off the TELEVISION, put away the iPad and grab the sun block, because we are counting down a few of the leading places to cool down in the Austin locations!Half-Price Books is a discount book merchant that is loca… Read More

If you're in Austin and trying to find a solitary walking, or maybe a long, simple walk, Mount Bonnell isn't the very best location to go. However, if you do not mind little crowds of tourists and you 'd like a short walk with a little rugged terrain, Mt. Bonnell is enjoyable. It's also a great location to choose a good friend, specifically one who… Read More

If you are among the many households searching for a quiet picnic hideout, where you do not have to fight for a table or search for a parking area, then this park is ideal for you. This is a very little park that is a bit out of the method, so not numerous individuals are ever there. There is an upper parking area that over looks lake Austin where … Read More